Lebanon is at the forefront of the Internet and technology revolution with one of the highest amount of Internet users in the region. According to a survey by the Internet Arab World, Lebanon trails only three countries -- UAE with 400,000 Internet users, Saudi Arabia with 300,000 Internet users, and Egypt with 440,000 internet users. Still, Lebanon's total Internet users amount to 227,500, which is highly impressive for such a small country.

The Internet and its benefits continue to grow in Lebanon. Lebanese retailers use the Internet in order to tap into the international market, expanding their customer base. Approximately 13,000 companies in Lebanon advertise or sell products on the Internet, a number with is expected to reach 500,000 within the next few years. While the Lebanese used to be able to surf through American or European web sites, they are now visiting web sites created by Lebanese for Lebanese companies. Today in Lebanon, Terra Net ( has the biggest content site in Lebanon with 1,200 pages.